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73% of organizations say nearly all (80%+) of their apps will be SaaS by 2020.


Why then, is productivity per employee declining? Approximately 20% of knowledge workers waste time searching and organizing the knowledge they need every day. That is a loss of one full day per week.

Automate repetitive tasks to optimize knowledge and productivity

These SaaS apps are intended to provide productivity gains, yet in reality the average productivity per worker is declining. One of the culprits of this decline is the apps themselves - learning how to use the app has a learning curve and with every update/upgrade the user has to learn new functionality.

With SaaS powered enterprise company using an average of 34 apps, this adds up to a lot of time spent learning how to use and navigating through the technology that is intended to increase productivity.

For example, Gsuite alone has over 40 repetitive tasks for onboarding and offboarding combined. This is a challenge for business leaders, IT and users all striving to produce goods and services for the customer, internal or external.

Solutions Long

Using machine learning to automate the redundant and repetitive tasks and simple guides to teach users about technology or process are simple and effective ways to ensure productivity gains are realised.

MyGuide is a digital adoption and automation platform which unlocks the human capital to focus on productivity, innovation & high-value tasks. The MyGuide suite allows users to learn more quickly what the app is capable of and how to perform tasks and execute processes. At its best, MyGuide automates the process and takes the user directly to the outcome.

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