Upskilling & Reskilling

The average professional today will hold over 12 different jobs across their career, a 3x increase compared to a mere decade ago.


Future-proof your workforce through upskilling and reskilling

Change is undoubtedly the only true constant in business. So, keeping pace with its ever increasing progression means ensuring your employees, present and future, must constantly hone and update their skill sets.

Whether your need is that of upskilling (learning current tasks more deeply) or re-skilling (learning new skills for a new position), maintaining a hyper focus on these pursuits means your organization can sustain and propel itself into the future, powered by an ever-evolving workforce.


EdCast recognizes the absolute criticality of these skilling needs and in so, developed an entire framework centered on future-proofing your workforce.

From identifying and visualizing an organization-wide Skills Graph for ease of expertise/gap assessment to promoting individual employee performance progression via a seamless Career Advisor capability for guided learning, EdCast addresses the gamut of skill-centric needs across your entire organization.

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MyGuide Automation

Drive employee productivity and work automation with intelligent in-app guiding tools. Let your users perform tasks faster and with more confidence.
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The role of L&D is ever more important to develop the workforce of tomorrow. Let the EdCast marketplace help you.
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You get access to a learning platform that has been designed from the ground up to promote content discovery and drive engagement.
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