Onboarding & Offboarding


Organizations with a strong onboarding process
improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity
by over 70%.

Revolutionize Your Employee Experience at Its Most Critical Bookends

First impressions last. When companies fail to streamline their onboarding process and socialize new hires in the company culture, performance, retention and engagement suffer, significantly.

Companies with weak onboarding programs lose the confidence of their employees and are more likely to lose these individuals in the first year. And in similar fashion, failing to properly offboard talent within your organization can be equally crippling to your business as high performing employees exit with a wealth of tacit knowledge and corporate acumen.

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EdCast unifies and simplifies the ever disjointed, often frustrating process of onboarding new hires with a highly personalized, aggregated, and immersive experience.

From company culture and market knowledge to team dynamics and role alignment, EdCast uses targeted micro-learning, automation, and guided Pathways and Groups to ensure your employees are equipped and productive from day one. And when the day comes to transition your talent out of the organization, a plethora of capabilities like Ask Me Anything, Livestreaming, and other digital content creation and Sharing options allow those departing employees to seamlessly convey their tacit knowledge back to colleagues and your organization, and in so, grow your corporate memory for years to come.

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MyGuide Automation

Drive employee productivity and work automation with intelligent in-app guiding tools. Let your users perform tasks faster and with more confidence.
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The role of L&D is ever more important to develop the workforce of tomorrow. Let the EdCast marketplace help you.
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You get access to a learning platform that has been designed from the ground up to promote content discovery and drive engagement.
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