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All knowledge is either tacit or rooted in tacit knowledge.


42% of the skills and expertise required to capably perform in a given position will be known only by the person currently in that position A firm with 30,000 employees might expect to lose $72 million annually due to productivity lost from the day-to-day accessibility of knowledge held by individuals.

Streamline knowledge sharing across your organization

The deep, tacit knowledge of how to perform a task, solve a problem, address a customer need, etc. is so often held in the minds of your experienced workers, in what is termed crystallized intelligence.

For many organizations, there exists a key opportunity to capture this knowledge and distribute it across the firm with the express intent of improving the overall performance of your business. Whether you face challenges around an aging workforce, company restructuring, or business transformation at large, the need to record, distribute, and evolve your collective corporate memory is mission-critical.


EdCast, as the pioneer in shaping the "Knowledge Cloud" space, places a huge emphasis on streamlining your organization's ability to both capture and distribute critical know-how with ease and efficiency.

With a plethora of content authoring tools ranging from documents, links, and blogs to videos, podcasts, and polls baked into both the web and mobile experiences, your employees can take center stage in contributing to the collective intelligence of the entire organization. And balancing this focus on creation is an equal emphasis on distribution, driven by a universal, consumer-grade Search capability spanning a multitude of content sources (e.g. internal, external premium, free and open web, etc.) as well as Groups and People considerations to ensure discovery of all relevant knowledge within and beyond the walls of your company regardless of where it resides or in what form.

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