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30% of companies say that extended enterprise learning covers more than 50% of the costs of their learning technology. 60% of them said it increases awareness of product/services, 58% it reduces training costs, 55% it improves customer relations.


Extend knowledge beyond your core workforce

In today’s hyperconnected world of work, your organization’s sustained success depends on far more than merely the knowledge and skills of your full-time employees.

You need to be able to engage and edify any audience in your business ecosystem, be that your extended workforce, partners, resellers, dealers, distributors, and even customers.

The advantages of being able to educate and share knowledge with these stakeholders are clear with regard to efficiency, profit (at scale) and the end goal of successful, delighted customers. It can be easier said than done however and three evergreen elements crop up time and again that are often challenging - protecting your brand, managing the message and strategy, and ensuring a rapid real-time feedback cycle.

Solutions Long

EdCast supports the seamless integration of your organization's extended enterprise populations.

You can integrate from a learning and engagement perspective with the ability and the flexibility to fully co-locate those individuals in your core Learning Experience Platform (LXP) alongside dedicated employees or include them in a "walled garden" fashion with our Micro-Org capabilities to establish the proper lines of demarcation you deem necessary. Beyond addressing their engagement needs, the expansive capabilities of EdCast's Content Marketplace mean you can also monetize your learning and training offers to these same populations as an augmented revenue stream for your L&D function. The possibilities are numerous, and the resulting impact on your business is conspicuous.

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The role of L&D is ever more important to develop the workforce of tomorrow. Let the EdCast marketplace help you.
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You get access to a learning platform that has been designed from the ground up to promote content discovery and drive engagement.
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