Content Procurement

A growing trend in the industry is that for organizations to be positioned for success they should share responsibility for the Core Interaction, learning and knowledge sharing, between L&D, the worker, and the business.

Simplify the training procurement process while expanding the content selection

How to balance the need for enough selection in training providers with the complexity and workload of managing multiple suppliers is an evergreen challenge for organizations.

Preferred supplier lists change infrequently partly because it's a time consuming, labor-intensive process to choose training providers. Add to this the upcoming trend of Devwork* the industry movement to share the training responsibility and budget between HR, the worker, and the business.

Maintaining strategic control, budget governance, and a holistic view of the content in an organization is a formidable workload and there is a better way than contracting with one vendor at a time.

Solutions Long

A learning marketplace is revolutionary advancement in training procurement using a platform business model.

Remove the layers between the seller of training and the buyer of training to create instant visibility and access to materials, pricing, payment options, at the point of need in the business. Architected for agility, scalability, and reliability, the EdCast Marketplace is a product exchange platform focused on building and enriching an ecosystem in the corporate training industry. By creating an environment to facilitate the exchange of value between buyers and sellers in a transparent and trustful fashion, new partnerships are created to make the learning in the workplace more relevant and more cost-efficient by creating visibility and reducing transaction costs through a platform model.

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