EdCast Partner Program

Whether you are just beginning to build or expand your business, EdCast offers various programs to help you succeed at any stage of your journey. When you join EdCast partner program, you become part of a global community that connects you to the relationships, insights, tools, resources, and programs you need to amaze your customers and drive business growth. As you achieve your business goals, participate in the program at the level that suits your unique needs to access more benefits, and develop your relationship with us and other partners in the network.

01Alliance Partners

Alliance partners work with leading organizations to strategize, deploy, support, train and maintain solutions built on EdCast platforms. We provide the tools, training, support and documentation your staff needs to be successful.

Partnering with EdCast enables you to enhance not only your value to your customers, but to play a role in improving learning, skilling and career mobility by providing a revolutionary talent experience in the industry.

02Service Partners

World-leading organizations that help organizations fully realize benefits for their learning processes and learner engagement, have the product expertise across one or more products offering full capabilities to configure, implement and integrate EdCast products, and offer maintenance, and across-the-board operational support.
Partnering with EdCast enables you to help your customers succeed with their learning, skilling and career mobility solution.

03Content Partners

The world’s leading content, certifications and framework owners that bring a choice of content solutions to the EdCast Marketplace.
Partnering with EdCast enables you to simplify access to content, skills and expertise development in the flow of work. End users can benefit from direct access and deeper integration with their talent experience tools.

Partner benefits

EdCast provides AI-powered Knowledge Cloud for Unified Discovery, Personalized Learning and Sales Enablement (SalesU) Businesses/Enterprises for Corporate Learning.
EdCast partners with 3rd party content providers to surface their content in the EdCast Knowledge Feed and also partners with 3rd party “formal learning LMS” such as Open edX (hosted by EdCast), Saba, Cornerstone, etc. and other commercial LMS service providers.
Partners provide Custom Content Development (e-learning, M-learning, ILT & VLT, Games & Simulations, Video-Audio-Animation, Branding & Communications); consulting services for analysis to evaluation); staffing, change management, and more, mutually agreed upon in writing.
Partners can refer their customers to EdCast and become eligible for incentives in the form of referral fee or a commission as agreed upon by EdCast in a written confirmation for each opportunity or lead.
EdCast may assign their customers to Partners at their discretion. Every partnership engagement must be mutually agreed in writing by both parties in addition to the APA.

Sign up as an EdCast Partner

    Alliance PartnerService PartnerContent PartnerOther


    Dedicated Support

    Ongoing operations and support of EdCast learning technologies, software, solutions.


    Marketing Tools

    Marketing collateral and a targeted program per geo-location to generate partner interest.


    Sales Enablement

    Access to the EdCast partner portal for training, slides, workshops content, benchmarking data, and thought leadership articles.


    Knowledge Cloud

    EdCast offers an instance of its Knowledge Cloud Learning Eco-system toolset for the partner’s internal organizational use.

    Award-winning Employee Experience.