The MyGuide Digital Adoption Platform

Maximize adoption of your digital assets with personalized in-app learning solutions


Step by Step Guidance and In-App Messaging

Ease user onboarding with step by step software navigation using MyGuide’s digital adoption solutions. Let your users learn in-app using a variety of multimedia formats like MyGuide generated videos, PPT, GIFs to enhance the adoption of your software. Benefit from the targeted messaging to improve onboarding and feature adoption.


Improve User Onboarding with Journey Analytics

With MyGuide journey analytics, change managers can deep dive into the user journeys, see through the workflow struggles of users, and learn how users navigate through the entire application. Analyze how customers move through application workflows, then take action to improve the user experience.

"Using in-app guides can help increase employee productivity by as much as 70%"


Improve User productivity with Process Automation

Accelerate process completion with MyGuide workflow automation which lets you complete workflows with automation. Enhance user productivity by automating repetitive processes and improve accuracy with workflow automation.

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