Accelerate Software Adoption with MyGuide

Simplify software onboarding with interactive walkthroughs across your web, mobile and desktop rollouts

New User Onboarding

Onboard Users Faster

User training delivered inside software (in-app) provides “in-the-moment” instructions and accelerates employee time to competency. A step-by-step assistance and guided navigation removes end user confusion and enhances software learning. It provides not only live & on-demand access to learning content but also improves user accuracy.

Employee Productivity

Improve User Productivity

Increase employee self-sufficiency and performance with in-app contextual guides that helps users to complete complex workflows with ease. MyGuide enables users with tooltips,notifications which support them in completing workflows and removing workflow struggles to use software. MyGuide’s self-service technology makes learning easy while reducing application support costs.

"Using in-app guides can help increase employee productivity by as much as 70%"

Change Management

Drive Digital Change with Ease

Humanize the software learning for users with in-app learning and secure the success of your digital change efforts with enhanced adoption. MyGuide allows you to keep all your users’ learning requirements at one place and leverage in-app communication to announce changes, training and live support. Change leaders can measure the effectiveness of learning content with surveys and generate insights on user behaviour to make relevant changes.
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User Training

Product Adoption

Drive Seamless User Engagement

Enable your customers to become pros with MyGuide’s guided learning to know and learn every feature. Drive product adoption with sending in-app communication using feature guides, leverage notifications and tooltips to inform customers about new updates. Delve deeper into user engagement data and leverage patterns to drive trial conversion, cross-sell and upsell.

"Double the chances of your digital change success with MyGuide"

Remote Onboarding

Make Learning Easy for Remote Workforce

Onboard your remote workforce with MyGuide which makes it effortless for them to learn without any in-person training. MyGuide’s assists, tours and guidance allows users to self-learn the software without any external help. This facilitates change managers to onboard remote users without any training delays and efficiency issues.
Employee Productivity

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