Drive Productivity with Automation

Empower your users to perform tasks faster, with more confidence. Drive employee productivity with lightweight automation with intelligent in-app guides.

Automate Repetitive Work

Eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Reduce the time spent on redundant tasks by automating steps and allowing your users to spend time on the tasks that actually matter.

  • A powerful and proven way to drive software ROI
  • Fully automate repeated, non-intelligent software tasks
  • Partially automate intelligent software tasks

Using in-app guides can help increase employee productivity by as much as 70%.

Complete Tasks

Engage your users with interactive explanatory content, like high-quality in-app videos. Easily enhance their learning experience and improve their confidence in how to perform a task.

  • Offer contextual help and engagement
  • Sound and text in a user’s native language
  • Eliminates the need for paper training materials

Eliminate Mistakes

Offer your users in-app guidance in an interactive virtual environment of your app by playing the steps and let them experience the real-time functionality of all steps without the risk of making a mistake in the actual app.

  • Let users safely experiment with new tasks
  • Improve data entry and boost on-boarding
  • Reduce support cost by avoiding user mistakes

Letting users familiarize themselves with an app creates a 35% drop in support and training costs.


Intelligent Guides

Give your users in-app step-by-step instructions exactly when they need them, where they need them. Enjoy learning in the flow of work and let your users work faster and more efficiently.

  • GPS like guides with push notifications
  • Works for any cloud, desktop or mobile app
  • Create workflow guides across apps


Access data on app usage, user speed, page usage, and feature usage to see how tasks are getting performed across one or more users. You get actionable insights you can immediately act upon to enhance productivity even more.

  • Understand how, why, what with app intelligence
  • Test the learning efficiency of your users
  • Push guides or automation based on data
  • View reports MyGuide, Tableau or Power BI

Interactive explanatory content lets users onboard as much as 5x faster.

Users in Control

Let your users access an AI-powered chatbot. Improve searching capabilities and offer prompt responses to search queries with the integrated intelligent in-app chat service.


Works in Every Application

MyGuide can be integrated into any
desktop, cloud, and mobile app.

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    Easy to Integrate

    MyGuide is designed to make it easier for businesses to build seamless experiences into their apps, so their users don't have to switch to an external help source.

  • icons8-multichannel-100

    Works Out-of-the-Box

    MyGuide seamlessly comes with several pre-built guides for apps such as Salesforce and ServiceNow so you can seamlessly connect your platform, CRM, or website.

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